Piou - brand identity
Piou - Inspiration
In the heart of Marseille's old streets, a new gourmet concept store has opened: Piou
Proud of their city, their heritage and the variety of products from the mediterranean region, Piou's team has created an hybrid of grocery store. They sell high-quality local products, and offer homemade take-away menus which change following the seasons. 

Colourful, simple and modern, the brand identity is inspired from the vintage font used on Marseille shops. The identity also highlights  2 of the main element of the unique and dazzling mediterranean city: the Sea and the Sun. Creating playful and authentic visual identity. 
Piou - Logotype
Piou - Logotype
Piou - Instagram
Piou - Merch
Piou - Mathilde Xardel

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