Black Friday is the busiest week for retail but it is controversial regarding its impact on the environment. 
For that reason, the natural cosmetic brand wanted to use this specific time to bring awareness on their actions to support woodland trust charities in the UK and Ireland, and giving back the profit made on their best selling Hand Cream products.  
Adapted for retail stores and web networks in the UK and Ireland in collaboration with Pur Project and Hometree. I was in charge of the whole visual identity and content creation for the campaign Give B(l)ack Friday 2020 by L'Occitane en Provence.  
'Over £40,000 for Pur Project UK, and €15,000 for Hometree Ireland have been raised during the campaign and more than 6,000 trees were planted across the UK and Ireland.' 
This campaign has also created a better visibility about the brand commitments and actions, resulting a great engagement on social medias, and increasing by 20% the revenue in comparison of the previous year during the Black Friday period, despite the stores closure due to Covid.
The campaign was reconducted the following year. 
Social Media and Web Banners

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