When I don't design, I turn my flat into an indoor Jungle... 🌱​​​​​​​
I am Mathilde, a senior graphic designer with a strong experience in brand identity and art direction. 
For the past 10 years, I have been designing and leading print and digital campaigns for international groups, creative agencies and small businesses across France, UK & Switzerland.
Born and raised in the heart of the French Alps, I completed my Graphic Design studies in 2013 at ESMA, Montpellier School of Arts. Few years after graduating, I moved to London, making the most of 6 inspiring years in the vibrant City. Since 2022, I’m back to the beautiful Alps, between Geneva and Annecy, where I am currently based.
Passionate, curious and empathetic, I have always been using my multi-cultural experiences, my love for Nature, travels and crafts to nurture my creativity and developing a versatile design approach.
I am committed to collaborate on meaningful projects and create bespoke and premium campaigns that spark emotions, connect people together and have a positive impact for the future.
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